Wednesday, 13 April 2016


This is such a long overdue post on one of my favourite places to eat in LA. Don't worry, there will be more to come! Commissary is set in a beautiful big green house on the 2nd floor at the Line hotel. Even before I was staying at the Line I would wonder down and go for breakfast. These images were taken from my trip back in November where I went with Oli. 

Since we were staying at the hotel we ended up here most mornings as it was just a few floors below us. The vibe is pretty easy going, a fusion of Korean inspired dishes are throne in there too. My favourite dish to have there is the congee and the pancakes! Highly recommend them as I ended up having those a few times. But everything else is also delicious. 

I also love that the mugs and glasses you are served with are all mix of vintage pieces and hand crafted ones. Makes you feel right at home or at granny's house. Not only is it pretty in the day time, I also reccomend going at night time. The fairy lights create such a warming atmosphere and it's a great place for dinner with friends. All the food is served family style which is lovely and different than to what I usually experience here in the UK. You get to sample so much food and when it comes to splitting the bill - it couldn't be any more simpler! 

Let me know if you guys are visiting LA any time soon! I will definitely be posting more LA hot spot recommendations soon as I'm off back there rather soon!

All photos taken with Panasonic Lumix LX100


  1. Food looks absolutely yummy would love to try xo!

  2. Ahhh I always see LA bloggers eat here! Such a beautiful place. I wish there was something like this around me :)

    Enclothed Cognition/Bloglovin

  3. Everyone's been here and not me! Gonna hopefully visit when I'm there in May. Thanks for the recommendation, Yanin! x

  4. I love all the plants, what a great atmosphere for a restaurant!

  5. Wow, I truly feel like almost every blogger has already been there besides me! The interior and atmosphere simply seems to be lovely. I've heard so much good about this place so I will hopefully get to visit as soon as I get the chance to travel to LA again! Than I will surely try out the pancakes.
    Thanks for the recommendation!

    Best wishes

  6. I cannot get over these photos! This place looks amazinnngggggggg

  7. beautiful place!


  8. These images are beautiful, such an amazing place and hope you had a great time x

    Millie x

  9. The colors look so good!! x


  10. This looks like such an incredible place to eat.. ahh wish it was in london so jealous xx