Wednesday, 16 September 2015

My make up storage!

Glamour Living make up cube


So as you guys may have seen on my instagram and snapchat, I've been obsessed with my new make up storage! I've waited years for a Kim K inspired make up cube and I finally found a great company that does them! I spent my afternoon organising my make up and for someone who was never into 'beauty' I'm starting to get more enjoyment out of it and wanted some place to keep my make up tidy. With out this cube before - my make up was all over the floor and in the bathroom. This beautiful cube is from Glamour Living. A company actually based in the UK! Everything is handmade here and the quality is insane!

On the site there are 3 choices of sizes to accommodate how much make up you have. I know I didn't have as much as a usual beauty blogger but I decided to go for the biggest size so that I would have space to fill it up over the next few years. When it arrived it came in a huge ass box and I thought that I wasn't going to be able to fit it in my room but thank god it was just padded up! With these vibes being made of acrylic Plexiglass, you have to be extra careful when unwrapping it and placing on the surface. I treated this cube like it was my child and did not want anyone to touch it besides myself - starting to be a crazy make up lady now.  I just love how classic, minimal and organised everything is! It also comes with dividers as you can see above which makes life so much easier. I've actually just ordered more dividers to separate more items in the draws too.

I've also got the brush holder - which I've turned half into what it's actually meant to be for and the other half I'm storing all my lip liners in. I thought it was a pretty good idea as I didn't have as much brushes as I though. Also the same for my make up collection. By organising everything I thought I had way more but surprising myself I've only filled up about 1/3 of the cube! This excites me though - I've been buying more make up to fill in and play around with so look out for a beauty haul coming soon!

So if you are looking for a minimal way to store all of your beauty bits (maybe even jewellery too) then definitely check out Glamour Living! Other than cubes there are also perfume trays and lipstick storage! Also get 10% off with my code 'YNGLAM' at check out! No expiry date!

Disclaimer - This post was not sponsored by Glamour Living but they were so lovely & provided me with a discount code to purchase the cube!


  1. Looks so good, clean and minimal, so my style!
    great job!

    Liva /

  2. looks so nice and tidy, love it! i need to invest in makeup storage as well x

    CLUB AVENUE / / instagram

  3. So pratical and beautiful!

  4. So organized! I wish my makeup looked like that! Great post!

    Just Gigi Fashion

  5. If only this was a tad bit cheaper :( It looks amazing though X


  6. i recently bought the muji one and wish i had known about this one sooner :( i love that it has dividers for your stuff compared to the muji ones but sad the glamour one is SO expensive

  7. looks so well organised!

  8. sunglasses and lip liner collection is just 👏😍

  9. You know you've got your life together when your make up is stored so neatly haha! Mine is just shoved in a massive make up bag :(

  10. I love this storage. It is super cute, clean and just organized. I have one that kinda looks like but its small. ❤❤


  11. These photos are gorgeous quality. I love how neat & tidy everything is, and also how you stored your sunglasses in there too!


  12. lovely post! looooove a good makeup organise!


  13. wow this is gorgeous

  14. I love your header and I am currntly searching for a cool one.
    I know you linked to girl who made it, but do you have an e-mail adresse or something?
    The headers I make suck :D

    thank you!
    <3 Toni