Saturday, 23 May 2015

Braun Silk-epil 9 epilator review!

Hey guys! For this post I'm collaborating with BRAUN to review their Silk-epil 9 epilator! I've never used an epilator before and always wanted to try out the next step up from just the usual razor. To be honest - I didn't know what an epilator was until Braun approached me! 
At first, my nerves were a bit restless, it's only been about a year since I started shaving with a razor, before that I was a 'hair removal cream' kinda girl. So going from the cream to the razor then on to the epilator was a bit daunting for me. Nevertheless, I plucked up the courage to try it out. (See what I did there?) The sound when you turn it on did scare me a bit to be honest but I didn't let that put me off giving it a go. I think that's what I'll stick to with this product, just the leg. You can use in other areas as well but I was confident enough to go for just the legs.
For those of you who are like me and don’t know what an epilator is, it essentially plucks the hair  from the skin using multiple tweezers at the same time, whereas using a razor just cuts the hair above the root. This product is best to use before going on holiday I think as it provides long lasting results. At first stroke, I could feel the massaging rollersstimulating the skin so it wasn't as painful as I thought it would be. I'd give it a 5/10 for the pain ratio, again, I've not used a product like this before so it felt a little bit awkward and weird. Thanks to the 40% wider head, the Silk-epil 9 took a lot of the hairs out in one stroke, so the process was much quicker - great if you are short on time like me most days!
I also really appreciate how it comes with a pivoting head, which makes going around the body contours less nerve racking. The slower speed make it much less daunting for a beginner like me, it'salso perfect for my sensitive skinAnother handy little thing - this epilator has is a light. Perfect for seeing where you have gone over and any hairs you have missed. This is such a great little extra add on to have as the lighting in my house isn't the best. The Silk-epil 9 can also be used in the bath as it is water tight up to five metres! I'll definitely tryepilating in the bath as it's meant to give me a more soothing experience.  I’m also looking forward to trying  the exfoliating brush attachment, which works to get rid of any dead skin to make my legs extra soft!
Overall, my experience with the epilator was far more positive than I expected! It wasn't painful but of course felt funny on my legs as it was my first time. I can see the long term benefits of using the product more frequently. So I'm happy to give this product a 8/10! You can get yours here from boots or check your local boots stores too!  RRP from £149.99

This post was kindly sponsored by Proctor & Gamble.


  1. I really want to try an epilator and this one seems great! I've actually heard a few other bloggers talk about it too x


  2. i really want to try this one, seems like a great investment !

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  3. I'm so over shaving as the hairs grow back far too quickly. Waxing has been my thing but I'm keen to give this a go too X


  4. Epilators are serious game changers cause it really does help thin out the hair when it grows back. Way better than shaving!

  5. I'm actually on the market for a new epilator since my current one is like more than 5 years old and I feel like it's not workign as well anymore. So cool how this one has an exfoliating brush as well. Will definitely have to check it out!

    xx freshfizzle

  6. The first thing I ever used to remove body hair was an epilator and I can guarantee that after a month of using it you won't feel a thing. I confess that the first times were horrible but then you get used to it . And now I have almost no hairs because it reduces and thins out the hair. I wouldn't swap for any other method ever!

  7. For this post I'm collaborating with BRAUN to review their Silk-epil 9 epilator! I've never used an epilator before and always wanted to try out the ...

  8. I actually bought an epilator a few weeks ago which I have yet to open (mainly because of the thought of the pain!) but now having read your post, I am going to give it a go on the weekend (and hopefully be pain free!) thewritegirl