Monday, 26 January 2015

Quick OOTD!

Disclaimer: Items marked with * were gifted

Zara boots* | ASOS jeans | Mulberry tote* | COS coat | Zara scarf | Topshop knitted top  
Prada frames


Headed into Reading today for some lunch and a quick look around the shops. Didn't pick up anything except for the SEVENTEEN high contour kit! Though I would give it ago and see how it works. 

Went for something super comfy today with my christmas present - my leopard pony hair boots! These ones are from Zara and go great with my new ASOS high waisted mom jeans. Obvs couldn't leave my house without my COS coat either and found my little red fur key ring again so attached it on my bag!

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Cosy in grey

Disclaimer: Items marked with * were gifted.

Topshop two piece | Lacoste show court trainers | A.Wang bag | PRADA frames


So yesterday I headed out to pick up my new pair of glasses in this super cosy Topshop two piece. I've been eyeing it up for a while now but didn't know if it would suit me or would be too long for my petite self. After seeing it on instagram though, I just decided why not? I could always return it if it didn't fit right, right? So I went ahead and it arrived 48 hours later on my door step.

I was hesitant to put this beautiful two piece on. Just cause it was stunning and I didn't want it to make me look like a potato. I wanted it to fit right and for the trousers to be the right length. A while passed and I just sprung into action, I couldn't wait around anymore and needed to get dressed to go and pick up my glasses. It fitted so damn well.

The trousers, let's start with that. They are high waisted, stretchy and sooooo comfy. I love the bell bottom finish too and the material is so heavenly. It did give me a bit of a camel toe though but this is where the top comes in handy. It covers both the front and back so my butt didn't feel too exposed! I didn't know which pair of shoes to pair them with so I spent about 10 minutes deciding. In the end, I just went with my white show courts. The only thing that goes with my pants at the moment. I'm on the hunt for some mules as I think they will go better and make it look like I grew a few extra inches. 

Anyways, I grabbed my COS coat and my A.Wang and dashed out the door. Good timing too as the bus was on time. I was too excited to pick up my new glasses. It's been so long since I had a new pair and to treat myself with a pair that uplifted my face. I decided to go for these Prada frames. Slight cat eye but thin enough to frame my small face with. I wanted to invest in something that would last me a long time and carry me into my adult hood. Not just a 'quickie' where I would have to replace them in a year.  Really am so happy with these, such a classic frame and the quality is amazing. I'm still adjusting to them but I know they will treat me well!

Friday, 23 January 2015

Good old sherling!

Disclaimer: Items marked with * were gifted

Missguided jacket* | Topshop jeans | Mulberry 'Effie' tote | Choies boots* | The Fifth grey tee*


So it's been a while since I posted up an outfit post and I'm sorry for that guys! I've been busy and when I had time, I didn't have anyone to take photos for me :( But I will try to post as much as I can!

I wanted to start off with this shelling coat. I visited a PR company the other day and this was one of the pieces I was gifted. It's from Missguided and the first time I saw it on the site it didn't tickle my fancy but when I saw it in the show room it looked 10X's better. It's definitely one of those pieces where it just doesn't do it justice on a screen. For a light coat, it's warm too due to the faux fur lining. I love that it's thin so I can still layer underneath and be super cosy!

I opted to go for a full black outfit with the jacket. I paired my grey super soft tee from 'The Fifth' and my fave Topshop jeans. Oh & mixed in my Chloe dupes from choies! I also took my Mulberry out for a spin too as I haven't used it in a while.

This outfit was super comfy and perfect for a lunch date or even a cinema trip!

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Florence with Tia Maria

So I was invited by Tia Maria to Florence, to attend the Tia Maria Social dinner. I jumped at the chance of course! I've always wanted to visit Italy and see it's beautiful architecture and explore the city. This trip was perfect as I got to go with other bloggers too (Lydia, Leanne, Tamara and Nyane) and just chill out and get to know them better.

So I traveled off the on the Monday afternoon and arrived late evening, grabbed a quick pizza and headed off to the LUISAVIAROMA Firenze4Ever party at this warehouse. It wasn't my vibe to be honest as I'm more of a go to bed girl at 10pm with my hot chocolate but having my friends there made the night pretty awesome. CleanBandit were also performing so we danced the night away into the morning where we then headed back to the hotel to get some rest.

Tuesday couldn't of come any sooner, I woke up, had a shower and felt so refreshed. I did sleep in during breakfast though as we came back at 2am and I needed my beauty sleep! We just then headed to the centre of Florence and went around exploring. Ended up by the Duomo (the backdrop of my latest outfit post) and decided to pitch there and take it in turns helping each other out with our blog photos! Really is the best thing travelling with other bloggers, knowing that you can communicate and take your time without having to worry. Oh, we also popped into GILLI for lunch! Was so nice to sit out in the sun and enjoy the view and atmosphere of the city. It wasn't long till we had to go back to the hotel and get ready for our social dinner with Tia Maria.

For the social dinner I opted to wear my knitted MISSGUIDED dress with my ALLSAINTS blazer. Wasn't sure on the combo at first but I was in a bit of a rush and just went with it. Turned out really well to be honest! We were driven to this beautiful private building and went straight to the top. It was incredible. The view was stunning and the apartment was just wow. My jaw dropped. I wish I could live there. It was be perfect lighting everyday for blog photos and instagram posts. 

We were then introduced to the Tia Maria team and the chefs for the night, no other than the GNAMBOX guys! We started off the dinner with cocktails and a wonder around this beautiful apartment. Then photos on the rooftop over looking Florence. After a good hour of socialising it was time to head to the dining room for our three course meal.

We were introduced to this beautiful salad, handmade burgers and a wonderful tiramisu. You can say I was very satisfied with the food. It was stunning and the presentation of everything was just too amazing for words. The dinner was one of the best I had! After we chowed down everything, we took some more photos and then headed back to our hotel for our final nights rest as we were going to be flying back home.

I was excited to go home though, I've been missing my puppy and boyfriend a lot but it was sad to leave such a beautiful city. I wish I had more time to explore and maybe even have a meet up. Next time though! I'm so grateful for this trip and for the company I was surrounded with.  Thank you again Tia Maria for my experience in Florence! It was amazing!

Friday, 16 January 2015

Exploring Florence

Disclaimer: Items marked with * were gifted

COS coat | Choies sweater | Topshop jeans | Lacoste trainers | Zara bag [similar here]  
Skull mini mouse ring | Bones ring | B ring


Photos by Lydia Millen

So I'm back from Florence now, it was an interesting but fun couple of days. I will be sure to do a post on my trip soon so keep a look out for that!

On the Tuesday, we had a quick wonder around the town before we went back to the hotel and get ready for the social dinner in the evening. We ended up by the Duomo (cathedral) and it was stunning. So breath taking with the details that were carved onto the building. We decided to settle here and take outfit photos. Yupp, all four bloggers taking in turn to help each other out with their photos. Bloggers united!

Anyways, I ended up wearing some trainers as I didn't know how long we were going to be walking for. Best decision. I went for a lightweight sweater which I featured in my 'FACES' post and I was going to also be wearing my COS coat. I didn't want to be overstuffed as also the sun was out. Opted for my favourite ripped skinnies and the Lacoste show court for extra comfort. It did get quite warm mid way and I ended up just taking off my coat for out lunch outside in the sun.

I also took one bag with my on this trip, I went for my tardis one I picked up in Zara in the sale. This was also my only carry on when I boarded the plane. I'm definitely have learn to reduce my luggage on every trip I go on. This bag worked wonders as it has a pull closure, which made pick pocketing a little bit more difficult and made all my things feel so secure. It's also perfect to bring along your camera but I forgot mine at home!


Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Knitted two-piece

Disclaimer: Items marked with * were gifted

Knitted top* - Missguided | Knitted skirt* - Missguided | Fluffy heels* - Public Desire  
Camel coat - ASOS


Been lusting after this knitted two piece for so long now and was super stoked when I was gifted this item from Missguided! Thank you so so much guys! I immediately knew that I wanted to pair it with my camel coat and my fluffy heels were just the perfect pair of added texture to mix in.

I didn't realised that the set would fit my body so well, I have quite wide hips normally anything like this makes them look 20x's wider but this hugged it really well and came in at the right place.

I know this is kind of inspired by Kim K but I couldn't help myself, she's one of my style go-tow actually and she styles low key minimal pieces so well!