Saturday, 8 November 2014

LA photo diary part 1

So it's been 3 days and LA has been amazing so far! I  flew with Air New Zealand for this trip and didn't know what to expect as this was my first time flying with them. It was the such an amazing experience, I flew premium economy and to me, it kinda felt like business class as the seats were in little pods and your chair moved back and fourth for comfort. All I did within the 11 hour flight was watch 'The Carrie Diaries' and had a quick nap. Super comfortable and I totally recommend flying with them if you get the chance!

The first full day here, Natalie & I went to the QUAY eyewear HQ in downtown LA.  The HQ space was amazing, totally what I imagined myself living in if I were to move to LA. We played around with the sunnies and had a chat with the team about the new range and my trip. The girls were so rad and it was lovely to meet them in person! Afterwards, we heading out to Bottega Louie, it was on my list and was pretty near the QUAY HQ so we stopped by before we headed back to the apartment. 
It was heavy, the decor, atmosphere and the food. OMG, the food! I wished I would of gone when I was like starving though but I still ate some thing. Couldn't walk away without buying a little souvenir so picked up a box of sugared almonds and marshmallows for my little sister. Oh Bottega Louie, you were amazing.

The second day was approaching super fast, we ended up heading out to Little Tokyo, I used the metro system for the first time and after the experience, I definitely prefer oyster cards (lol).
We headed to go and take some sticker photos in the japanese booths and then went for sushi at Sushienya! By the photos, you could totally tell it was yummy right? I really could eat sushi all day.

Then we are now on to day three, today. We had a late start and left the apartment at about 1/1.30pm and headed down to Santa Monica beach. I didn't know what to expect but was so breath taken with the scenery, vibe and just the beautiful area in general. I was so excited about the pier and headed there pretty quickly first. It was on my to-do list and it made me feel like a kid again.
We played some ski ball - which I've never played before, old school shooting games, flappy bird and took cute ass photos in the photo booths! Literally, one of the best days so far. Oh, I also won myself two mini pink and purple dinosaur figures. Yup, life's great!

Seiously can't wait for what tomorrow holds. I know it's gunna be a fun one though as I'm meeting up with some lovely blogger babes for lunch.  Keep an eye out for my next photo diary! In the mean time, you can keep up to date with me on instagram! 


  1. you looked awesome in LA!
    I loved to see the pictures :)

    x J. from I ate noodles for breakfast

  2. Envy you! Would do anything to be in LA/London instead of mugging for school :(
    Have fun while you're there!

  3. beautiful pictures, I miss LA

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    little taste of heaven

  4. Wow your outfits and pictures look super nice !


  5. Been seeing all your instagram photos it looks so nice! LA just got bumped up on my bucket list! x


  6. I'm so jealous! I've always wanted to go to L.A x

  7. Aww seems like you're having lots of fun.
    Afeeyah xo

    New post ~

  8. awesome photos! especially love the last two!

    Rose and Weston x

  9. So jealous! have an amazing time!

  10. Beautiful photos! Enjoy the rest of your trip :)

  11. Hello, check out my blog, it's new. <3

  12. Sounds like you're having a great time in LA! Hope you do a meet up soon!