Friday, 31 October 2014


Fila t shirt - Urban Outfitters | Slacks - ASOS | Bag - Urban outfitters | Trainers - ASOS 


Finally got myself this tee and a pair of navy clean pleated slacks. I've been wanting to style this look for a while but wanted to find the right pieces. This is the ultimate casual/cool/comfy outfit I've ever worn. These slacks are amazing and I will be doing some more outfits styling these. 

I also finally picked up a pair of white sneakers, from Lacoste to be precise... 
Yes, I'm super late to the party but after debating weather or not to do so, I caved in. I did have to break them in a bit but no blisters or pains (thank the shoe gods!)

I was going to style the slacks up with a plan tee but thought that this logo one fits better and the nice little pop of red ties everything in. I guess if you were to wear this out in the evening you could glide on some red lipstick and winged eye liner. I, however, just opted for the super lazy make up and kind fresh face and hair.

Oh & how cute is this bag I picked up from Urban Outfitters? This cute little fluff ball will deffo be making another appearance soon! It's also the perfect size to pop in your phone, your cash card and your favourite tube of lipstick!


  1. Love cool sporty looks like this! I too was resistant to those shoes because of weather but I might just bite the bullet too, they are so nice after all!


  2. I love this simple outfit :)

  3. Love this casual chic outfit! The bag is so cute!

  4. I understand that everyone loves this, 90s, vintage, sport-brand t-shirt trend. But my dad used to wear Fila tees when I was growing up, so seeing them in a 'fashion environment' makes me giggle! Still lovely outfit, you really know how to pull together everything.

    Nik x
    NIKJAMESS | Fashion & Lifestyle

  5. This is so cool girl, you look amazing x

  6. I love the look ! The pants are so gorgeous !

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  7. Simply and effectively sublime, in love with your style! ...x

  8. Nice:)) xx

  9. Beautiful pictures!

  10. SRSLY obsessed with this tshirt!!! x

  11. Amazing look! Can't believe I've only just come across your blog- new follower :) x
    eleanor's adventures // UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

  12. So simple, so perfect. Love this look x

  13. This looks dope! I absolutely love those trousers. They are heavenly. And that bag is quite adorable!

    xoxo, Debby

  14. the style of these pants with those shoes yes yes yes