Monday, 28 April 2014

Sick day dressing up

Top - 6ks / Jeans & Heels - Missguided / Scarf via depop / Sunnies - 80's Purple [link below]

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of posts since I got back from Thailand. A couple days after I got myself tonsillitis! how bloody silly of me :( So I've been MIA for a while and slowly starting to ge back into work and what not. But I couldn't stay in my PJ's all day today so I thought I would play dress up and came up with my outfit. I was very lucky and the lovely people from missguided gifted me these lovely mom jeans and heels. Tbh, the mom jeans [even though the smallest size] were huge on me but I still managed to make it work by adding a belt and rolling up the bottoms a few times.
Oh & can we just hold up on the glasses?! Aren't they amazing?! Thank you 80's Purple for sending me these beauties along with some others which I will include in a later blog post! They are the dupes of the Miu Miu ones and I am so obsessed! Click here to purchase the frames if you like…


  1. I hope you're feeling a little better! That tee is awesome, and those glasses are so darn cool too x

  2. You look so cute!

  3. I wish I felt like dressing up when I'm sick, you look great! Hope you're feeling better x

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  4. I wish I looked that good when I'm sick! - love the jeans and heels!

  5. this outfit is rad! hope you're feeling better soon gal x