Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Pop up store!

So my pop up store on monday was a susses and thank you so so much to those who turned up and bought some thing! I really appreciate it so much. I had so much fun styling and meeting you guys and taking photos and of course answering your questions. And don't worry this wont be the last pop up store that I will ever do! I'm going to try to have another one early next year some time :)
I'll be posting more photos soon when I get them and videos if someone has filmed!


  1. Ah congrats looks like such a success!
    S xx

  2. When Adella (@cornflakenosugar) said she was going to your pop up store, I was so jelly jelly, down side of not living in london. Congrats on the pop up store, I heard it was such a success. :) xxx

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    Thanks xxx