Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Such a colourful day

Today has been so colourful which is strange as I'm normally surrounded by dull colours [only exceptional is my boyfriends hair ;)] but yet I find myself surrounded by flowers and my package arrived after waiting so freaking long for it! I ordered stuff from Choies and their shipping is ridic and unfortunately has put me off buying from them again as I paid for express shipping and I had to wait about a month for my order to arrive. They also said they shipped it off ages ago but when I was able to track it I found out it was only sent a couple days ago! Whaaaat?! Not cool guys! Anyways, the items arrived and I've been blessed with my sunnies that are copies of the Henry Holland ones and the cop of the givenchy jersey! Its a bit small on me and I should of gotten the medium or large but unfortunately its sold out now :(


  1. Such gorgeous photos!
    And sunglasses are gorgeous
    S xx

  2. the sunglasses were definitely worth the wait - they suit you loads! love your style!

    bec X

  3. Lovely photos :) The jersey and sunglasses are so cute :)

  4. Love all of it, I need those sunnies in my life!!!

  5. I love the photos, and those sunglasses are so cool!

  6. Hey, great sunglasses !
    Love your blog and youtube channel , can you check out our cover ?