Monday, 28 January 2013


Up & coming project I’m working on.
So I’ve been hiding away for a while now trying to get this together and I’ve got the ball rolling tonight! I made the first order of the t shirts which should be arriving soon! Along side this small apparel line Im also going to be stocking some one off vintage pieces and other items I think you guys might like. Hand chosen by me. As I’ll be making my first buying trip/holiday in march, the shop should be up & running by about April/early May.
Im also going to be developing through out the existence of this project and any input and feedback would be great to hear from you guys! What you guys would like on the store, how everything is....ect!
 So, I hope you guys are excited! A lot of thought and work has been put into this. Also if any of you would like to collaborate or business enquiries, just ask for my email and we’ll talk! Thank you you guys for all the support and love so far! I appreciate it! 


  1. Thats wicked news!!! you have great style too so anything !!
    have like chunky gold bling!!!! il buy xx!!!


  2. This is awesome! Can't wait!

    Suggestions - if possible, can you style most of the products (most people love to see the cloths styled and etc); reasonable priced or free shipping; etc.

    I'd love to partner or contribute in whatever way possible. Can I email via the one?

    - Isabelle

    1. Yes ofcourse :) and yeah i will be styling the pieces :) xx