Friday, 7 December 2012

Acne Paper

So today I woke up to the sound of the UPS truck parking outside my bedroom. I quickly got up, fixed myself and headed towards the door as I've been waiting for my special delivery since monday. I was so excited when the door bell buzzed and quickly answered it. Signed for the package and quietly walked back into my home. Immediately, a big ass cheshire cat smile came onto my face and i opened up the marked box up carefully but quickly. I first noticed that the receipt was even printed on pink paper. I was so stoked as this was my first ever purchase from acne and didn't know what to expect.

As I opened up the box and lifted off the receipt, there, in the classic black letters...'ACNE'. At this point I was like a little girl in a candy shop. I got out the Acne paper and looked through, andI now that this paper will give me more inspiration each time I read it. Im glad I ordered it. This really wont be my last order from ACNE I'll tell you that.



  1. ugh you cant not show us whats inside! i have no money for acne :( its so sad


    1. that was what was inside! 'acne paper' is a magazine that you can order from their website

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