Saturday, 14 July 2012

Update through instagram

I dont like colours in my hair anymore
Creepers + me + alcohol does not mix
Need to be more tanned
Yummy smoothie that I made
Taken by Oyinkan in OU, London
Babysitting the Darlows
Weekly breakfast at Cafe Rouge
One of the best breakfasts I've ever had
Boots from ASOS arrived!
Being sick is horrible, I feel like death all the time
Refuelling on vitamin C to get rid of my cold
Umps finally got her film developed from our shopping trip in London
New hoodie and Johnny cupcake beanie
My instagram: Prettysickly


  1. Love the weekly update with insta' fotos... super dope! what brand is that sweater? :D

  2. i have the same creepers and the broke,how did you fix yours :)

  3. I didnt! I just brought new pairs!

  4. I hadn't been able to take my SLR with me and all I had was my little old iPhone.

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