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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Wednesday Addams & Coven with H&M

So as halloween approaches us quickly, people always ask yearly, 'What are you going to be for halloween?' or 'Any costume ideas?'
I always opt for my all time faves and basics which I can transform from my daily outfits, make a few tweaks here and there and you can happily go to a halloween party and fit in.

This post I've partnered up with H&M again and wanted to show you guys two outfits I styled together from their H&M range. One being totally inspired by Wednesday Addams and the other inspired by AHS: Coven. Apart from this being totally focused on halloween, you can still wear these outfits out daily! It all comes down to how you style them!

First the first look, Wednesday Addams; I opted for this dress from their halloween collection which literally is perfect. This dress with the white collar pretty much has done the job! I styled it with a pair of basic black brogues, hair in pigtails (biggest feature) and kept my make up pretty simple. I chose a shade lighter for my foundation, used a muted pink shimmer blush and kept my lips nude or you could totally goth it up and slick on some black lips!
And if i's chilly on your way to a party then you can easily throw on a black duster coat!

Second look, we are focusing on the AHS: Coven girls. Think black, basics, jeans and fedoras. Effortlessly cool. I'm focusing on Taissa's character of Zoe Benson, whose straight slick hair, tom boy cool and gives us fedora envy. I paired this loose vest with the long sides with these awesome black stretch skinnies as she pretty much wears them all the time. Having some long and loose fitting pieces seems to be the style tone through out the whole season and when I saw this vest I actually choose a size medium instead of small to make it extra baggy on my body. Tying it all together, is this black fedora, H&M does awesome styles also, if you are feeling a wide brimmed fedora or a short brimmed one. Of course, we can't forget the boots, I paired some cut out boots with a slight heel to add some height and a leather jacket as I thought a long coat would cover the sides too much as I wanted them to be on display.

With these looks, like I said, you can definitely wear them more than once and adapt them into your daily outfits. These H&M pieces will also last for ages in your wardrobe and with the collection being reasonably priced, it sure wouldn't hurt your wallet!

Let me know what you guys think below in the comments!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Basic instinct.

Shirt - Choies | Boots - Choies (original here) | Jeans - Topshop | Grey t shirt - Zara (similar here)


This is one of the best comfortable outfits I've styled in a while. I had to pop out to Reading for my eye test today and wanted something quick to throw on but not look too rushed.

This combo, any colour really works well on most occasions and I love how laid back it is. I also received these boots from Choies this morning so though I would wear them out today and see how they were and I've had to issues! They are the dupes of the Givenchy boots but I couldn't spend that much on a pair of shoes so I was so happy that Choies were able to gift these to me! Thank you Choies!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

That sporty vibe

Mesh t shirt - Dark pink London | Trainers - Miamasvin  | Leather shorts - Missguided  
Crop top - Choies (Similar here) | Choker - Urban outfitters | Name necklace - Anna Lou of London

I wanted to style something that took me back to my style a year or two ago but make it workable with my wardrobe now. I opted for a sports luxe feel by adding the trainers and the box boyish cut of the leather shorts. 

I also received this beautiful mesh polka dot t shirt from Dark Pink and knew it would go perfect with this leather short and crop combo to add a bit of extra detail. I kept the cuts simple and went with all black and paired it with two silver necklaces. My choker and my name necklace which added such a nice personal touch and ties everything together. 

Again, if you're not feeling the mesh tee then you can always pop it off and wear without!

3 quick outfits!